Weeze is a small town in the region of the Lower Rhine, where you will find some interesting sights and a wide range of leisure activities. So you can experience the Lower Rhine landscape from its most beautiful side via various hiking and cycling trails. You can also take off from Weeze Airport to many destinations around the world.

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But Weeze is itself an attractive excursion destination that offers a wide range of leisure, relaxation and cultural activities. So you can hike or ride extensively in Weeze and its surroundings, which are characterized by forests and meadows. Canoe tours on the Niers river or covered wagon rides through the Lower Rhine countryside are also very popular. There are also some historic buildings worth seeing in the Weeze region. The attractive offer of the small town on the Niers is rounded off by a varied program of events.

Take a trip to Weeze and explore the city and its sights. You should have seen the St. Cyriakus Church, which protrudes above the roofs of the houses. It is one of the oldest churches on the Niers and has undergone numerous structural changes in its long past. Inside the church there are also interesting art treasures, such as a 14th century Madonna enthroned.

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Gemeinde Weeze

Address: Cyriakusplatz 13 – 14, 47652 Weeze

Internet: https://www.weeze.de/

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Other buildings worth seeing include Castle Wissen, an old former moated castle from the 14th century, and Kalbeck Castle, which can be found north of the city center. The historic windmill in the Wemb district and Hertfeld Castle are also worth mentioning. But in addition to the historical monuments, the beautiful landscape around Weeze is the highlight that attracts visitors from far and wide to the community of Weeze. Because in the idyllic forests and along the Niers you can experience the landscapes of the Lower Rhine up close.

For example, in the west of Weeze there is the Baaler Bruch and in the northeast the Kalbeckheide forest area. In the south, hiking trails lead through the forested Laarer Bruch. But the Niers hiking trail, which leads from the animal enclosure to the castle of Knowledge, offers a special experience. Here, hikers can experience the idyll of the Lower Rhine with its cattle, horse pastures and forests, which alternate with fields and meadows, up close.



Paddling tours on the Niers are also popular and interesting. Of course, cyclists will also find various signposted routes to explore the region by bike. The animal enclosure with petting zoo and nature trail at Hertefeld Castle and the wild boar gate in the Laarerbruch are particularly suitable for families. A popular excursion restaurant is the “Jan an de Fähr” restaurant, which is located directly on the Niers in the Kalbeck forest. Anglers who had cast their rods on the Niers also look in here. However, a permit is required for fishing. The go-kart track is much faster. Here young and old can show off their driving skills on the indoor track.

Visit Weeze and be captivated by the beautiful landscape. Various hotels and guest houses offer accommodation. Or book a tailor-made package deal at the cultural and tourist office. The friendly staff will be happy to advise you. Kuhpfad wishes you a pleasant and relaxing stay in Weeze and its natural region.