Wedding Planning

Wedding celebrations are certainly one of the most beautiful celebrations worldwide. These are sometimes celebrated exuberantly, sometimes they are celebrated strictly according to etiquette, sometimes they are celebrated colorfully or traditionally. Extraordinary locations for the wedding ceremony are also becoming increasingly popular.
Basically, marriages in Germany are made at the registry office. On the Lower Rhine, for example, you can say yes in castles, in palaces , on the Rhine or in the zoo. So more and more registry offices offer the opportunity to get married in unusual places. But before the bride and groom can finally say yes, they have to plan their wedding!

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Wedding Planning

The often stressful phase of the wedding preparation includes the appointment in consultation with the responsible registry office, search for the location of the wedding ceremony and a location for the subsequent wedding celebration, as well as answers to the questions.

Who will be the best man? What food should be served at the wedding party? Which music should be played? The right bridal fashion is no less important.

On the probably most beautiful day of your life, every bride wants to look particularly good. The choice of wedding dress is therefore particularly difficult for many women. You will find support and advice in numerous bridal shops on the Lower Rhine.

The wedding planning checklist includes the wedding date, wedding location, location for the wedding celebration, guest list, gift list, wedding robe & wedding rings, accommodation for guests, transport of the newlyweds, honeymoon and planning of the festivities with table arrangement, food, drink selection, music and much more.

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Checklist Wedding Planning

Wedding appointment (registry office / church)

Location of the wedding ceremony

Location for wedding party (Entertainment / music for the wedding party) (Photos & videos from the wedding party)

Guest list (invitation cards)

Gift list

Wedding robe & wedding rings

Accommodation for guests

Transport of the newlyweds



Get married at a castle

Grevenbroich getting married in the Hülchrath Castle (Schloss Hülchrath)

Willich getting married in the Castle Neersen (Schloss Neersen)

Bedburg-Hau getting married in the Castle Moyland (Schloss Moyland)

Weeze getting married in the Castle Hertefeld (Schloss Hertefeld)

Get married on the Rhine

Passenger ships: “Stadt Duisburg” or “Gerhard Mercator”

Passenger ship “Stadt Rees” – departure, for example, from the Rees Rhine promenade

Interiors and outer decks of the ship passenger ship MS Warsteiner

You can get married on special locations!

Wedding Locations

Wedding locations, you can certainly get married in a variety of ways! But no matter where and how you get married, all weddings have one thing in common. For most newlyweds & wedding guests, the wedding ceremony is the most emotional moment of every wedding.

Basically, marriages in Germany are made at the registry office. Since marriages in special places, such as in old castles or at castles are very trendy, numerous registry offices on the Lower Rhine offer wedding couples the opportunity to get married in romantic & unusual places.