Wachtendonk is a small town on the river Niers located in the region of the Lower Rhine . The village has a beautiful historic center, in which numerous listed houses from the 16th and 17th centuries can be seen. Due to its special location in the Schwalm-Nette nature park, Wachtendonk also offers a wide range of leisure activities. Here you will find numerous hiking and biking trails on which you can experience the Lower Rhine landscape from its most beautiful side!

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Just go to Wachtendonk and experience a charming town on the Lower Rhine. You can expect a unique historic town center with numerous old buildings, which is considered a unique example of a typical Lower Rhine country town, as well as a varied range of leisure activities in the beautiful natural landscape.

One of the oldest buildings in the municipality of Wachtendonk is the Gothic parish church of St. Michael, whose tower dates back to the 14th century, for example. The former Franciscan convent is located directly opposite the church, but only a few parts of it are still preserved. The former castle also suffered severe damage in the past, so that only the foundation walls can be seen from it. The town hall, on the other hand, shines in old splendor, a building from the 19th century that still has the inscription “Stadt Wachtendonk”.

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Gemeinde Wachtendonk

Tourist-Info : Feldstraße 35, 47669 Wachtendonk

Internet: https://www.wachtendonk.de

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Opposite the town hall is the “Haus Püllen”, one of the most beautiful houses in the village, where an information center can be found today. Other buildings worth seeing are the “Black Eagle”, a former inn on Feldstrasse, the “Haus Weinstrasse No. 20”, a former wine house from the 17th century, and the “Haus Wachtendonk” on Neustrasse, an imposing brick building from the Year 1605. Also worth mentioning is the house “An de Schanz” on Neustrasse 17, a 17th century building with a Gothic facade, and the old pastorate on Klosterstrasse, which now houses a library.

Not to be forgotten is the former gunpowder tower, which is used as a restaurant and is adorned by a remarkable gable. The best way to explore the historic city center is to take a walk through the old streets and alleys. So you get to the sights on the one hand and on the other hand you feel the special ambience of the beautiful country town. Some cafes and restaurants also invite you to linger. Especially in summer, people enjoy the medieval flair of the city with a delicious glass of Alt-Beer or coffee & cake.



Since Wachtendonk is largely in the Schwalm-Nette Nature Park, visitors will find numerous hiking and cycling trails on which one can experience the Lower Rhine landscape from its most beautiful side. For example, theNiederRheinroute (Lower Rhine Route) and the Herrensitzroute (Mansion Route) lead directly through Wachtendonk. Maps are available from the tourist office on Feldstraße. An alternative to get to know the Lower Rhine are canoe tours on the Niers. There is also an attractive range of water sports on the “Blue Lagoon” and a beautiful beach where you can relax in summer. Also worth mentioning are fishing opportunities on some lakes and riding opportunities in some riding stables in the area. Seen all around, Wachtendonk offers both a unique historical backdrop and beautiful natural sites.

It gets festive in the historic city center when celebrating in Wachtendonk. The annual event calendar opens with the spring and Easter market. Festivals such as “Jazz at the castle ruins” or the “Castle Festival” in August follow at Pentecost. Every year on the 1st Sunday in July, thousands of cyclists pedal on the Lower Rhine Cycling Day. Another highlight is the marksmen´s festival and the end of the event season is heralded by the Christmas market.