The Niederrheinisches Museum für Volksskunde & Kulturgeschichte e.V. (Folklore Museum Kevelaer) is located in the center of Kevelaer.

The Folklore Museum provides information on the cultural and historical history of the Lower Rhine. In addition to everyday items and toys, you will also find tools from bygone days.


Folklore Museum Kevelaer

Info & Notes :

Exhibition Objects : Toys, such as wooden toys, large rocking horses, some of which can be used, and hundreds of dolls from porcelain dolls to celluloid dolls to Russian matryoshka, as well as a model train. One floor higher is the Handwerkergasse where historical workshops are reproduced. Household items can also be seen.

Exhibitions / Events : Special exhibitions related to the Lower Rhine region

Guides : By arrangement

Specials : Mechanical musical instruments, collection for the Marian pilgrimage, library, workshops, readings, guided tours for school classes

Museums in the Lower Rhine region:

Folklore Museum Kevelaer

Address : Hauptstraße 18, 47623 Kevelaer
Opening times : See homepage
Admission : Paying
Internet :

This map shows some museums in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different exhibitio objects.


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