Uedem is a small community on the Lower Rhine with the districts of Keppeln, Uedem, Uedemerbruch and Uedemerfeld in which around 8000 inhabitants live. Embedded in the Lower Rhine landscape, the municipality offers a high recreational value as well as numerous opportunities for cycling, hiking and horse riding. The historic town center is also particularly worth seeing. Here you will find some sights such as the bronze sculptures that are located at the former locations of the city gates. Also worth seeing is the Seemannbrunnen (sailor fountain) at the market, which is in the immediate vicinity of the Evangelische Kirche Uedem. St. Laurentius Church is only about 100 meters away, which is a good starting point to start a tour of the city!

City Uedem



Other attractions in Uedem include the cobbler’s memorial on Lohstraße, the memorial on Viehstraße and the historic building of the old Schlüterei on Turmwall. Just outside the city center is a historic mill, the so-called Hohe Mühle, which was built in stone in the 13th century and is one of the oldest windmills of its kind on the Lower Rhine. Today it serves as a lookout tower and offers a view of the charming Lower Rhine landscape. Also worth mentioning is the Kolk House, a former knight’s residence from the 14th century that is still family-owned today.

Highlights from Uedem

  • Historical Circular Route
  • St. Laurentius Church
  • Protestant Church Uedem
  • Sailor Fountain
  • Cobbler Memorial
  • Historic Windmill
  • Alte Schlüterei
  • Memorial in Park
  • 9
  • 10
  • Forest Uedem

Map from Uedem

Useful Address / Link

Gemeinde Uedem

Address: Mosterstraße 2, 47589 Uedem

Internet: https://www.uedem.de/

City Guide


Escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities and enjoy the wide range of leisure activities in the middle of the Lower Rhine countryside. As everywhere on the Lower Rhine, you can cycle particularly well in and around Uedem. You can explore Uedem and the surrounding area with its numerous sights and natural sites on well-signposted bike paths. For example, the “Uedemer Hochwald” forest area is particularly attractive. Or drive a bit along the manor route (Herrensitzroute), a cycle route where you can discover magnificent castles and palaces.



For those who enjoy hiking, there are not only hiking routes through the Uedemer Hochwald to choose from, but also the routes „Über Feld und Flur“ und „Durch die Brüche und den Wald“”, for which there are maps and brochures in the community office of the municipality. The riding route network of the Euregio-Rhein-Waal with its more than 1,000 kilometers of signposted route networks, offers something for every rider. In addition to the Schneiershof trail riding station, there are also numerous riding stables. Come and experience the Lower Rhine up close, regardless of whether you explore the region by bike, experience on horseback or discover during a hike, the Lower Rhine offers its visitors nature, culture and hospitality.

Just drive to Uedem and experience a small, charming community on the Lower Rhine. You can expect some sights, a varied range of recreational and leisure activities, restaurants and accommodation.