Sonsbeck is a municipality in the region of the Lower Rhine, which today belongs to the Wesel district. The municipality includes the neighborhoods of Sonsbeck, Hamb and Labbeck, where there are numerous sights to see as well as a wide range of leisure and event options.

City Sonsbeck



Sonsbeck on the Lower Rhine is worth a trip in every season. The things you should definitely see include the lookout tower on Dürsberg, which offers a beautiful view of the Lower Rhine landscape, and the old Roman tower, a brick building from the 15th century. Also worth seeing is the Evangelical church on the Hochstrasse, the St. Gerebernus chapel, the Schweinemarktbrunnen, the St. Antonius church in the Hamb district and the St. Marien church in Labbek. The Gommansche Mühle is no less interesting with the exhibition on the local history of the village.

Highlights from Sonsbeck

  • Evangelische Kirche
  • Kirche St. Maria Magdalena
  • Aussichtsturm Dürsberg
  • Gerebernus-Kapelle
  • Römerturm
  • Schweinemarktbrunnen
  • Geologischer Wanderweg
  • St. Antonius Kirche
  • St. Marien Kirche
  • Keramikmuseum Tietz
  • Traktorenmuseum Pauenhof

Map from Sonsbeck

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Gemeinde Sonsbeck

Address: Herrenstraße 2, 47665 Sonsbeck


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A varied range of leisure activities such as hiking trails, cycle paths, fishing ponds, riding stables and the nature reserves Grenzdyck and Uedemer Hochwald offer numerous opportunities to get active in the Lower Rhine countryside. Together with the diverse range of restaurants and various accommodation options, Sonsbeck is a popular travel destination on the Lower Rhine.