Aengenesch is a small, quiet place of pilgrimage on the Lower Rhine that attracts pilgrims from near and far. In the center of the village is the pilgrimage church with the Madonna of Sorrows of Aengenesch, with whom everything began centuries ago.


Aengenesch Place of Pilgrimage

According to tradition, a wooden picture of Our Lady of Sorrows was found on an ash tree in the village. In order to give the picture a worthy place, the villagers brought the picture to their main church, but each time after they had brought it there, the picture reappeared on the ash tree a little later, this is said to have happened three times in total, until the residents finally moved decided to build a chapel at the site.

A wooden chapel was built for the first time around 1380, followed 50 years later by a stone chapel. Since then, pilgrims and those seeking consolation have come to the Madonna picture to ask for help, advice and assistance from the Mother of God.

The pilgrimage church in Aengenesch belongs to the parish church of St.Mary Magdalena Geldern and is a place of quiet contemplation.

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