Opposite the Klarissenkloster in Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine begins a way of the cross, which leads over 15 stations to the Marienpark, in which the stone monument of the Madonna in the protective cloak is also located.

The 15 stations of the cross show the sufferings of Jesus Christ from his condemnation to his resurrection. The Way of the Cross is a place of silence that is lined with many old trees and ends in Marienpark. There are numerous benches on the Way of the Cross and in front of Station 12, which symbolizes the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Way of Cross


Way of the Cross Kevelaer

The individual stations of the Way of the Cross: Station 1 shows the condemnation of Jesus Christ by Pilate / Station 2 shows Jesus with the cross / Station 3 shows Jesus on the ground, through the load / the cross / Station 4 shows Mary the mother of Jesus Christ / Station 5 shows how Simon helps Jesus with the burden of the cross / station 6 shows Jesus being given a cloth / station 7 shows Jesus lying on the ground under the cross / station 8 shows Jesus with women weeping / station 9 shows Jesus as he is under the cross The floor is on the ground / Station 10 shows Jesus being taken off his clothes / Station 11 shows Jesus being nailed to the cross / Station 12 shows Jesus on the cross / Station 13 shows Jesus being taken from the cross / Station 14 shows Jesus How is laid in the tomb / Station 15 shows a cross and statue commemorating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

Way of the Cross Kevelaer

Address : Sankt-Klara-Weg, 47623 Kevelaer

Internet: https://www.wallfahrt-kevelaer.de/

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