Beer has been brewed in the region of the Lower Rhine for centuries. In the recent past there has been a consolidation on the brewery market, but there are still some breweries that continue the beer culture in the region on the Rhine. Beer is still one of the most drunk drinks worldwide.

Beer Culture


Beer Culture

The Lower Rhine region is a stronghold of top-fermented beer, especially Altbier (Alt-Beer). The reason for this is the relatively mild climate that prevails in the region. Before the cooling machines were invented, there were no or no inexpensive cooling options that were or are incessant for the bottom-fermenting brewing process. The top-fermentation brewing process, in which the yeast thrives best during the necessary fermentation process at temperatures between 15 – 22 degrees Celsius, has established itself over the centuries in the region of the Lower Rhine.

With the invention of the cooling machines in 1875, the bottom-fermented brewing process spread across the board, but the top-fermented Alt-Beer in the region of the Lower Rhine and the top-fermented Kölsch-Beer from the Cologne area have retained their place in the beer landscape to this day.

Traditions, image and homeland play a decisive role in sales of beer. This can be clearly seen in beer advertising. The commercials and advertisements often refer to the long traditions of individual breweries. Other advertising spots present beer in a natural environment, sometimes in an almost untouched nature. This can be partly attributed to the purity requirement when brewing beer.

Beer is considered a pure drink that can only be made from approved raw materials. Nevertheless, beer sales declined noticeably in the past and consolidation took place on the beer market, which resulted in numerous breweries falling victim. In the past, the beer landscape was characterized by thousands of small home breweries, but today it is mainly large, partly international breweries that cover a large part of the beer needs. Smaller home breweries supply the local market and serve their beer in the affiliated breweries!

Glass of Alt Beer

Alt-Beer is a top-fermented beer specialty that is brewed especially on the Lower Rhine according to the purity law.

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Ingridients Beer Brewing

Purity law for brewed beers says shortly that only hops, malt, yeast and water may be used in beer production.

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Beer Culture


Breweries in the region of the Lower Rhine, despite a consolidation on the brewery market, there are still a few breweries in this area.

These include smaller home breweries that supply the local market, as well as larger breweries that offer their beer throughout Germany and worldwide.

Brewery Pubs

Brewery Pubs (Brauhäuser) in the region of the Lower Rhine, here traditions are lived and cultivated.

Furthermore, they give the guest a feeling of being close to home and at the same time they are a place of communication.

Ingredients Brewing Beer

According to the German purity law for brewed beer, may only be used in hops, malt, yeast and water. Read more…

Types of Beer

In the region of the Lower Rhine Alt-Beer, Kölsch-Beer but also wheat beer have been brewed here for centuries. Today there are also various types of Pilsner beers, as well as local specialties, which are also produced on the Lower Rhine. But they all have one thing in common, they are made with fresh brewing water.

Alt-Beer (Altbier)

Alt-Beer is a full beer that is produced using the top-fermented brewing process and has a color like amber. Read more…