Düsseldorf has a long art history and has had numerous famous art lovers in the past whose aim was to promote art on the Rhine. One of the most important sponsors is the Elector Jan Wellem, who laid the foundation stone, so to speak, that today Düsseldorf is regarded worldwide as an art metropolis.


Art in Duesseldorf

Visit Düsseldorf, the fine metropolis on the Rhine, and discover the city’s art treasures or visit one of the numerous art exhibitions in one of the galleries or in one of the city’s museums.
Not to be forgotten are the historical buildings, which are often adorned with beautiful ornaments, or the monuments within the city, which on the one hand have a reminder function and on the other hand are contemporary witnesses of individual art epochs. With the Kunstakedemie Düsseldorf also has an art school of international repute, which has already produced several famous artists.

Art & cultural treasures in Düsseldorf

Many artistic works attract great attention in museums and galleries in the city. However, many small hidden treasures that one likes to overlook in the hectic pace of everyday life can also be found in Düsseldorf. There are beautiful Art Nouveau elements among others in the beautiful Münstertherme swimming pool. If you look closely, you can see works of art from different eras in many corners of the city. And the city owes this not least to the Elector Jan Wellem, whose equestrian statue stands in front of the town hall in Düsseldorf. Take a city tour and let the sights of the city bring you closer.

Art exhibitions & events

Constantly changing exhibitions take place in Düsseldorf’s museums and galleries. For individual exhibitions, please refer to the respective museum and gallery . A highlight among the events is the so-called “Night of the Museums”.

Galleries & art houses in Düsseldorf

In Düsseldorf there are numerous galleries, art houses & auction houses where you can purchase works of art of all kinds and from different eras.

Open day at the art academy

One of the highlights of the art scene in Düsseldorf is the exhibitions by art students at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. During this time you can stroll through the art academy and look at the various works of the students and talk to the artists. The spectrum of works of art ranges from oil paintings to sculptures and statues to video performances. A detour to this event is not only very interesting for art lovers.

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