Moers, the popular city on the Lower Rhine, offers a varied range of shopping opportunities. In the center of the city you will find both specialist shops and chain stores, as well as shopping arcades and a large fashion house. Once parked, you can easily walk to all shops. The old town of Moers with Steinstrasse, Kirchstrasse, Burgstrasse, Friedrichstrasse is also a pedestrian zone where you can stroll undisturbed by car traffic.

Shopping Moers


Moers Shopping

The main shopping street in Moers is Steinstrasse, which stretches from Neumarkt to Hombergerstrasse. For the most part it is a pedestrian zone and literally invites you to stroll. Also interesting are the side streets and the small alleys that go off the Steinstrasse. Other highlights of the city include the large Braun fashion house, which has been presenting current fashion trends for over 90 years, the rampart center, a small shopping arcade and the Grafschafter Passage with a large electronics store.

Shop opening times:
Most shops open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., there are deviations. Most supermarkets open at 8 a.m.

Moers Shopping Locations

Altstadt Moers

The old town of Moers with Steinstrasse, Kirchstrasse, Burgstrasse, Friedrichstrasse is the main shopping address of the city. Here you will find numerous shops, boutiques and shops as well as cafes and restaurants. Since the old town is largely a pedestrian zone, you can shop here in a relaxed manner. Come to Moers and experience a colorful variety of shops in a beautiful small town with its numerous worth seeing buildings .

The largest shops in the old town and on Steinstrasse include the C&A fashion house, the H&M store, and the Rossmann drugstore. You will also find fashion shops such as Cecil, Street One and Engbers. The mix of shops and stores in the old town is rounded off by shoe shops, jewelers, perfumeries as well as gift boutiques and lingerie shops. Not to forget the large fashion & sport center Braun.

Grafschafter Passage Moers

Grafschafter Passage Moers is located on Homberger Straße in the center of Moers and offers a mix of shops, including a large electronics store, a drugstore and a post office.

Wallzentrum Moers

The small service and retail center Wallzentrum Moers is centrally located in Moerser City and offers various service companies and shops.

Braun Fashion & Sport Center

Mode- & Sport-Center Braun is located on Neumarkt in Moers and offers fashion trends for women, men and children as well as sportswear and more on several floors.
The store-in-store concept offers a total of over 200 fashion brands and 30 special departments. In short, the fashion house offers a diverse range of fashion under one roof. Experience a very special shopping experience in a modern ambience on over 18,000 square meters of retail space. No matter if you are looking for women’s fashion, men’s fashion, underwear & lingerie, shoes, sportswear or sports fashion


Christmas Market Moers

The Kastellplatz in Moers and some adjacent streets (Meerstraße, Haagstraße, Altmarkt) will transform into a village of Christmas stalls before Christmas. Here you can find various goods & gift ideas. There are also numerous events on the Christmas market stage. The ice rink at the Christmas market is just as popular as the colorful entertainment program.

Sundays open for sale Moers

Moers is a good city for shopping. Here you will find numerous shops and stores.
A few times a year, shops and stores open their doors on Sundays

Sonntag, 05. April 2020 (zum Stadtfest „Moerser Frühling“)
Sonntag, 04. Oktober 2020 ( zum Stadtfest „Moerser Herbst“)
Sonntag, Dezember 2020
from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This map shows some shops and store in Moers, which offers different types of goods like fashion, shoes, cosmetics.

Moers Shopping

Shopping Lower Rhine

In the region of the Lower Rhine you will find shopping streets, farm shops as well as luxury shops or shopping centers!

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