Giving flowers often means giving joy, because flowers are a beautiful gift for all kinds of occasions. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing flowers.

Flowers are a nice and welcome gift for all kinds of occasions. However, when choosing flowers you should take into account that a message is sent with flowers. It is of particular importance which type of flower and which color you are giving away. An all-rounder is, for example, a colorful spring bouquet, which is suitable for many occasions. Red roses, on the other hand, are considered flowers of lovers.


Giving Flowers Giving Joy

Tips that can help you choose flowers:


If you are not aware of the importance of individual flowers, seek advice from the florist or choose a bouquet from different types of flowers. Furthermore, the meaning of flowers varies in different cultures.

Flowers are given away or given especially for Valentine’s Day (February 14th), Mother’s Day, wedding anniversary, birthday, engagement, anniversary or for invitations.

Adjust the bouquet size to suit the occasion. Less is sometimes more!

Be careful with completely red bouquets. They should only be given away when love is involved. You should also refrain from completely white bouquets. Many white flowers are considered cemetery flowers.

For people you do not know well, you should put together the bouquet from several types of flowers.

Always buy fresh flowers! You can also order flowers online, but remember that there are no deliveries on public holidays!

The rose is a global favorite of cut flowers, but many other flowers are also popular. These include Tulips, carnations, sunflowers, orchids, lilies and many more.

If you don’t have time to get a bouquet of flowers yourself, you can order a bouquet of your choice easily and conveniently on the Internet. Numerous companies offer various bouquets for a variety of occasions. Always pay attention to the delivery times when placing your order. Some online services work together with local florists, which shortens the distances and times.

Incidentally, not only are numerous flowers and ornamental plants grown on the Lower Rhine, but also one of the largest flower trading centers in Europe. In the auction hall in Straelen, thousands of flowers change hands every day and then end up in the flower shops.

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