The up to 8 meter high Wisseler dunes were created by sand drifts and have been under nature protection since 1934.

The dune area consists of smaller and larger hills and small valleys. Large areas of the dunes are covered with silver grass, which protects the dunes from shifting and is therefore particularly worth protecting. From the higher dunes you also have a good view of the nearby village of Wissel and Lake Wissel with its beautiful beach.

The flora and fauna of the Wisseler dunes have adapted to the very special conditions of this landscape.

The Wisseler dunes can be explored very well during a walk. For example, you can easily reach the dunes from the parking lot on Hellendornstraße in Wissel. If you are already in this area, then a visit to the Romanesque church in Wissel, as well as the Nicolai church in Kalkar should be considered.


Wisseler Dunes


Tip: Parking lot on Hellendornstraße in Wissel

Hiking Paths : The Wisseler dunes can be explored very well during a walk. 

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Wisseler Dunes

Location: 47546 Kalkar


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