Water View Nette River meets Niers River , shortly after Wachtendonk the small river Nette flows into the not much larger river Niers.

At the confluence (51.414381, 6.323702) of the two small rivers there is a marker on the bank floor, from which you have a wonderful view of the estuary, a so-called water view. From these points of view there are a total of 25 in the Schwalm-Nette nature park. But this one is special, because this place has played a special role in the past.


Water View Nette River meets Niers River


Tip: Another highlight is on the way to the estuary, here a small self-service ferry that is very easy to use takes you across the Niers. At the coordinates 51.413505, 6.325429 you just have to get on the ferry and turn the crank wheel, and the ferry starts moving. If the ferry is on the other side of the bank, you can also bring it to your side with a crank wheel, which is attached to both banks. The self-service ferry is easy to use. You can also transport bicycles on the ferry.

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Water View Nette River meets Niers River

Location: You can join the Nette meets Niers hiking trail at several locations. Park your car in one of the parking lots in Wachtendonk.


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