The Venloer Heide is a cross-border natural landscape on the Lower Rhine and the Dutch province of Limburg.

The beautiful heathland is characterized by large areas with beautiful trees such as oak, birch and conifers. The Groote Heide is also surrounded by extensive forests. Part of the area is used as a sports airport for a sailing club. In the past, the area was an air base and was used by the military at times. A memorial is intended to commemorate this dark time at the former Venlo air base. Today, however, the Groote Heide or the Venloer Heide is a popular destination for glider pilots, hikers, cyclists and joggers.


Venloer Heide


Tip: Guided tours through the Friends of the Former Venlo Air Base on certain dates! (See homepage)

Hiking Paths : There is a circular route and various other routes through the heathland

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Venloer Heide

Location: There are parking spaces, for example, at so-called Gate 9 (B 221 / Gelderische Str. / 51 ° 21’19.9 ″ N 6 ° 14’06.7 ″ E) or at Louisenburgweg (51 ° 22’29.1 ″ N 6 ° 12’57.0 ″ E) )


This map shows natural sites and reserves in the region of the Lower Rhine. These offers different hiking paths.

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