The Rhine Floodplain Walsum is a 500 hectare nature reserve in the north of the city of Duisburg.

The Rhine Floodplain Walsum (Rheinaue Walsum) is home to numerous plant and animal species and at the same time serves as a recreational area for the people of the region. For example, the Rhine dike between the Walsumer port and the mouth of the Emscher invites you to take long walks. Take a trip to the Rhine and enjoy the view from the top of the dike over the foreland, which is still flooded during high tide to this day.


Rhine Floodplain Walsum

Rhine Floodplain Walsum

The dike hinterland, on the other hand, is no longer flooded during floods, but the different Rhine water levels still affect the vegetation in this area. Numerous subsidence caused by coal mining on the Lower Rhine also had an impact. Water collects in these, and small and large pools are formed, which are home to numerous plants and animals.

According to NABU, almost 200 bird species have been registered in the Rheinaue Walsum so far, some of which are even on the red list, and are therefore particularly worthy of protection.


Tip: Make a trip with the ferry Walsum – Orsoy

Hiking Paths : You can walk on the Dike

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Rhine Floodplain Walsum

Location: A parking lot is on Königstraße in Duisburg Walsum (51.531434, 6.703034), from there you can get to the Rhine dike.


This map shows natural sites and reserves in the region of the Lower Rhine. These offers different hiking paths.

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