The Schwalmtal is located in the Lower Rhine region and got its name from the Schwalm river.

In the Schwalmtal, which stretches from the source of the Schwalm near Tüschenbroich to the river mouth with the river Maas near Swalmen, there are some worth seeing communities. These include Brüggen, Schwalmtal, Niederrkrüchten and Wegberg & Tüschenbroich. You will also find numerous historical water mills as well as nature reserves and hiking trails in this beautiful natural region.


The Schwalmtal

In the past, the water of the Schwalm drove various mills on its banks. Some of these mills are well preserved to this day and are now a popular excursion destination within the Schwalm-Nette nature park. In some of the historic water mills there are restaurants today that invite you to take a break. Another magnet of the Schwalmtal is the Hariksee, a local recreation area with a lido and campsites as well as rowing boats and other leisure activities. Not to be forgotten is the excursion restaurant in the old castle on Hariksee.

There are numerous hiking trails in the Schwalm-Nette nature park, including the so-called premium hiking trails. These premium hiking trails are well-marked hiking trails of different lengths.

These include, among others the premium hiking trails:

Premium hiking trail Schwalmbruch (approx. 15 km)
Premium hiking trail Galgenvenn (approx. 11 km)
Premium hiking trail Zwei Seen Route (two lakes route) (approx. 6 km)
Meinvennen premium hiking trail (approx. 19 km)
Premium hiking trails in Nette Seen (Nette Lakes) (approx. 12 km)

You can find more information about hiking trails on the Lower Rhine here!


Tip: For overnight stays, there are also hotels and pensions in the neighboring communities, as well as various campsites and a youth hostel in Nettetal.

Hiking Paths : There are numerous hiking trails in the Schwalm-Nette nature park.

Natural Sites in the Lower Rhine region:

The Schwalmtal

Location: Schwalmtal Lower Rhine


This map shows natural sites and reserves in the region of the Lower Rhine. These offers different hiking paths.

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