The Niers Floodplain Wachtendonk ( Niersaue Wachtendonk) nature reserve is an area along the river Niers on the Lower Rhine.

The Niers Floodplain Wachtendonk extends roughly between Wankumer Strasse and Wachtendonker Strasse north of the municipality of Wachtendonk. The area of ​​over 250 hectares is a river meadow landscape characterized by polluted willows, individual splendid trees, as well as rows of trees in the otherwise flat landscape of the Lower Rhine region, which is characterized by pastures, fields and small wooded areas.


Niers Floodplain Wachtendonk

Niers Floodplain Wachtendonk

Discover the beautiful area of ​​the Niers Floodplain , which is ideal for long walks or bike rides. One of the most beautiful places in the so-called Niers Floodplain is the water view, Nette river meets Niers river. Also worth seeing is a small self-service ferry across the Niers. Numerous canoe rental companies also offer a very special way of exploring the Niers river. Because the river Niers is a popular paddling area.


Tip: Visit the pictureques city of Wachtendonk

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Niers Floodplain Wachtendonk

Location: Wachtendonk , Lower Rhine


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