The Meerbusch nature reserve is a forest area characterized by swamp forests that was placed under nature protection in 1990.

The protected area is only a few kilometers from the current course of the Rhine between the municipalities of Meerbusch and Kaarst, and on the one hand provides a home for numerous plants and animals, and on the other hand serves as a recreational area for the people of the region.


Nature Reserve The Meerbusch

Nature Reserve The Meerbusch

You can explore the near-natural forest area both on foot and by bike. From the parking lot on Meerbuscher Straße between Bovert and Büderich, for example, you get to the A8 hiking trail, which leads nature lovers on an approximately 8-kilometer circular path through part of the forest area.

Due to its natural conditions, the nature reserve has different forest vegetation in which you can find a variety of trees and plants, as well as birds, small animals and amphibians. To preserve these important habitats, visitors to the forest area should respect nature and observe laws such as leashing dogs.


Tip: You can reach the nature reserve also by tram line U 76

Hiking Paths : A hiking path starts from the parking lot on the Meerbuscher Street

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Nature Reserve The Meerbusch

Location: Parking lot at Meerbuscher Str.


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