The Kranenburger Bruch is one of the last remains of the moor on the Lower Rhine and is well worth seeing.

The Bruch borders the city of Kranenburg and the southern part of the large nature reserve, the Düffel. The area is characterized by its particularly flat landscape. with partially flooded meadows, trees, water and reed beds.
Pollard willows, which are typical for the Lower Rhine, also interrupt the otherwise unobstructed view of the lowlands. The break is criss-crossed by various drainage ditches, which have a tremendous impact on the biological diversity of this area. Because despite the agricultural use in the form of pasture land, the Bruch is home to numerous plants and animals.


Nature Reserve Kranenburger Bruch


Tip: A nature trail with many informative stations and an observation pulpit on the shallow lake are also very interesting.

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Nature Reserve Kranenburger Bruch

Location: Lower Rhine


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