The Elmpter-Schwalmbruch nature reserve is one of the oldest protected areas in the region and covers around 300 hectares.

The Elmpter-Schwalmbruch extends west from the municipality of Elmpt to the Dutch border. The river Schwalm forms the northern border and the Nationaal Park de Meinweg connects to the north. The Elmpter Schwalmbruch is characterized primarily by its often untouched nature.
You can experience this beautiful piece of earth up close on the numerous hiking and biking trails that lead through the beautiful nature of the Elmpter-Schwalmbruch. Keep your eyes open while hiking. Because some rare plants grow in this nature reserve


Nature Reserve Elmpter-Schwalmbruch


Tip: Start from the small Marienkapelle in Niederkrüchten Overthetfeld, from there you can take the Euroga route to the Elmpter forest

Hiking Paths : There are several circular hiking trails, the Schwalmbruch premium hiking trail, which leads over 15.5 kilometers through the nature reserve, is particularly worth mentioning.

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Nature Reserve Elmpter-Schwalmbruch

Location: Lower Rhine


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