The cultural landscape of Dingdener Heide is characterized by a varied landscape with forests, meadows, fields and heath.

The Dingdener Heide consists of forests, cattle pastures and heathland landscapes with partly boggy areas. The area has been under nature protection since 1987, which means that agricultural use has been reduced and nature has been able to recapture areas.
This created new habitats in which rare plants and a variety of animals found refuge. Today, nature lovers and hikers can watch numerous birds in the beautiful nature reserve of the Dingdener Heide. In spring and summer, magnificent dragonflies also float over the damp meadows.
Due to the varying altitudes in this area, you have a good view of the varied cultural landscape from the Dingdener & Brüner heights, which includes the Dingden Heide, the Büngernsche Heide, the Konstantinforst and the Königsbusch. All areas have their own charm, but all of them inspire their visitors with their beautiful nature. You can find forests as well as wet meadows, heath landscapes and boggy areas in which a large number of plants grow and animals are at home.


Nature Reserve Dingdener Heide


Tip: The village of Marienthal invites you to make a detour to visit the monastery.

Hiking Paths : You can hike through forests, meadows, fields and heather on marked paths. There are parking spaces, for example, on Klausenhofstrasse or hikers’ parking spaces at the corner of Krechtinger Strasse and Bußter Weg in Hamminkeln. Information at:

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Nature Reserve Dingdener Heide

Location: Lower Rhine


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