The Dämmer Forest nature reserve is located northwest of the town of Schermbeck, whose center is also worth seeing.
The Dämmer-Forest belongs to the area of ​​the Hohe Mark nature park and is characterized by mixed and deciduous forests, heathland and wet meadows. In some places, dense ferns spread out under the deciduous trees. Some of these mighty beeches and oaks are over 100 years old and tower up to 30 meters in height. But the Dämmer-Forest is especially known for its great red deer population, which attracts young and old to nature.
The Dämmer-Forest takes on several functions. It is both a recreational area for people and a habitat for many animals and plants. In the Dämmer-Forest you can find coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests, in which many birds can be observed. For example, buzzards circling over the woods, or songbirds can be heard and seen, and with a little luck even the red kite may be encountered.


Nature Resevere Dämmer-Forest


Tip: Binoculars, which make it easier to observe birds and animals, are definitely recommended.

Hiking Paths : Marked paths lead from the parking spaces at the edge of the forest into the middle of the beautiful nature.

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Nature Resevere Dämmer-Forest

Location: Lower Rhine – Parking spaces are for example on Malberger Straße (Malberg parking lot) & Üfter Weg.


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