One of the most beautiful nature reserves on the Lower Rhine, a floodplain of the Rhine where numerous birds are at home.

Bislicher Insel was once an island in the Rhine, which was later straightened at this point, causing the Rhine loop to silt up.

Some of the arms of the Rhine have been preserved to this day, which are supplied by the groundwater and are reconnected to the Rhine during floods. These waters form the center of the Bislicher Insel reserve.
Because in this typical Lower Rhine floodplain, in addition to the typical wet meadows, there are also forests of black poplar, alder, ash and willow. As a result of some renovation work in the 1980s, the Bislicher Insel nature reserve is now considered one of the most beautiful floodplain landscapes in Germany.
The protected area achieved international fame when a few years ago pygmy geese were guided to the Lower Rhine in a spectacular action. No less interesting are the flocks of wild geese that land every year on their hiking flights on the Lower Rhine. On the other hand, numerous other waterfowl and birds have found a permanent home in this beautiful meadow landscape. For example, on a guided excursion you can see sea eagles and ospreys, or the white stork.


Bislicher Insel Nature Reserve


Tip: Take binoculars or a camera with a telephoto lens with you, the Bislicher Insel offers numerous subjects.

Hiking Paths : Bislicher Insel path leads you to the viewpoints and observation huts in the nature reserve

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Bislicher Insel Nature Reserve

Location: Parking lot on the street Eyländer Weg


This map shows natural sites and reserves in the region of the Lower Rhine. These offers different hiking paths.

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