The western part, the so-called Niederrheinische Sandplatte, of the Hohe Mark Nature Park is located in the Lower Rhine region.

The Lower Rhine sand plate borders close to the cities of Dinslaken, Wesel and Hamminkeln. The entire nature park stretches from west to east over a length of more than 50 kilometers, and offers its visitors numerous hiking and cycling trails through a wonderful landscape of forests, meadows, heathland and wetlands.

The Hohe Mark Nature Park has a lot to offer, whether you want to hike or cycle through forests, meadows, floodplains or fields, the huge natural recreation area offers its visitors numerous possibilities. Large areas of the nature park are wooded with mixed, deciduous and coniferous trees and offer shade even in summer when the heat is too great.


Natural Park Hohe Mark

Natural Park Hohe Mark

The well-signposted hiking and cycling trails enable strangers to orientate themselves in the forest. For those who find a walk through the forest not experience enough, the Hohe Mark Nature Park has a number of special attractions to offer. The game gates are very popular with children, for example in the Diersfordter Wald.

Not to be forgotten are the numerous sights within the nature park, such as windmills and water mills or castles and palaces. In any case, a trip to the Hohe Mark is eventful and close to nature. Why don’t you drive out, there are parking spaces in various places.

The Lower Rhine part of the Hohe Mark Nature Park includes the following nature reserves:

  • Dämmerwald
  • Dingdener-Heide
  • Gartroper-Busch
  • Kirchheller-Heide
  • Hünxer-Wald
  • Diersfordter Wald
  • und weitere


Tip: You can also get a map of the nature park on the homepage ( of the Hohe Mark nature park.

Hiking Paths : Well-marked hiking and biking trails enable strangers to orientate themselves in the forest

Natural Sites in the Lower Rhine region:

Natural Park Hohe Mark

Location: Lower Rhine


This map shows natural sites and reserves in the region of the Lower Rhine. These offers different hiking paths.

Natural Sites

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The region of the Lower Rhine offers a variety of opportunities to make leisure time entertaining, cultural or sporty.

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