A nature reserve on the Rhine (Rhine kilometer 751 on the left bank of the Rhine) is called the Ilvericher Altrheinschlinge ( Old Rhine Loop ) .

The Ilvericher Rheinschlinge ( Old Rhine Loop ) extends from Meerbusch Ilverich along the Rhine dike in a southerly direction to about the border of Meerbusch-Büderich. The landscape is mainly characterized by its proximity to the Rhine. Parts of the Rheinaue are flooded by the floods of the river to this day. It remains dry behind the dike, but the groundwater level is still dependent on the river, so the groundwater emerges in some places. In this area the landscape alternates between arable land, meadows and small forest areas. Typical of this region are the pollarded willows, which not only characterize the landscape, but also provide a habitat for many animals.


Ilvericher Altrheinschlinge ( Old Rhine Loop )

Nature Reserve Ilvericher Old Rhine Loop

Start your excursion in Langst-Kierst. Parking spaces are available there. From there, walk upstream over the dike, and after a few meters you can already look from the top of the dike into the Rhine floodplains, which are regularly flooded during floods.
From a distance you can also see the airport bridge that crosses the Rhine. Take the opportunity and walk a bit on the bridge, because from there you have a wonderful view of the Rhine and the surrounding area. You can also use one of the options to go to the river before you turn right about 500 meters after the bridge. On the Rhine dike there are benches that invite you to linger and offer a beautiful view of the Rhine.

Nature Reserve Ilvericher  Old Rhine Loop


Tip: You can walk to the Rhine ferry Langst – Kaiserswerth (down the Rhine)

Hiking Paths : You can walk on the Rhine dike

Natural Sites in the Lower Rhine region:

Ilvericher Altrheinschlinge ( Old Rhine Loop )

Location: Meerbusch-Ilverich


This map shows natural sites and reserves in the region of the Lower Rhine. These offers different hiking paths.

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