The Gartroper-Busch (Mühlenbach) as well as the adjacent Kichheller-Heide and the Hünxer-Wald belong to the Hohe Mark Nature Park.

The nature reserves are characterized by forests, meadows and heathland, which are traversed by small streams such as the Rotbach, Schwarzbach & Gartrop Mühlenbach. These are torrents on the banks of which not only mosses but also plants such as bog rush and, for some years, Indian balsam have grown.
Some birds, including the gray wagtail, breed directly at the streams. Other birds, for example the black woodpecker, tend to use the protection of the numerous, often old trees for building their nests. In addition to old trees such as beeches and oaks, you can also find newly reforested pines in the Gartrop bush.

The Gartoper Busch invites you to take long walks and is also very popular with cyclists. Because the numerous hiking trails and bike routes lead the visitor through an often impressive natural backdrop.




Tip: Also worth seeing is the Gartrop Castle north of the Gartroper Heide.

Hiking Paths : Hike on one of the numerous hiking trails through the forests and along the torrents and let yourself be inspired by nature and its beauties. 

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This map shows natural sites and reserves in the region of the Lower Rhine. These offers different hiking paths.

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