The so-called Ketelwald describes a forest area that stretched between Xanten and Nijmegen in the Middle Ages.

However, many parts of this formerly large forest area have been cleared and destroyed. On the German side, the Reichswald remained, which with over 5000 hectares forms the largest contiguous forest area on the Lower Rhine. Today the Reichswald is a recreation area for people from the nearby cities, as well as a drinking water reserve and home to many animals and plants.


Forest Ketelwald

Forest Ketelwald

Nature project Ketewald: Through a project of various nature conservation associations, the still separate Dutch forests around Groesbeek are to be connected with the Reichswald. The aim is to create a unique forest area for both people and animals that may one day be as rich in nature and animals as it was in the past. In particular, the red deer should be given a habitat in which they can spread.

The Reichswald as part of the Ketelwald: The Klever Reichswald Nature Park, with over 5000 hectares, forms the largest contiguous forest area on the Lower Rhine and is very popular. Take a trip to the Reichswald and enjoy the beautiful nature.


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Hiking Paths : Numerous hiking trails lead you through the large forest area.

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Forest Ketelwald

Location: Lower Rhine


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