The Diersfordter Forest is located north of the city of Wesel and impresses with its extensive mixed oak and pine forests.
The mixed oak and pine forests are repeatedly interrupted by small valleys. In the course of time, moor waters have formed in these dune valleys, which, depending on the sunlight, create a very special atmosphere in your surroundings. The Schwarz-Wasser is one of the most famous moor waters, which is also one of the oldest nature reserves in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Diersfordter Forest

The black water got its name from its dark color, which has formed due to the decomposition of plants . It is one of the many impressive places in the Diersfordter Forest and can be explored on a circular route of around 6 kilometers. With a little luck you will see one of the numerous birds or the beautiful dragonflies that fly over the water during the hike.
The mixed oak and pine forests border the Schwarz-Wasser, in which there are impressive trees that reach up to over 30 meters into the sky. In addition to oaks, it is above all old beeches that fascinate with their massive trunks and huge tree tops. The wildlife park offers another natural experience.
Wild boar, red deer and fallow deer as well as wild boars can be observed in the so-called game gate. However, it should not be forgotten that the animals can bite, but this is not the only reason why feeding is prohibited.



Hiking Paths : There are several signposted trails in the Diersfordt Forest, including the moor adventure trail, which leads over the most unstable forest floor and a wooden plank path, and the stag beetle route, which leads largely over paved forest paths.

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Diersfordter Forest

Location: Parking spaces: A parking lot (south entrance to Wildgatter) is located on the street “Bislicher Wald” near the B8 (Emmericherstraße), coordinates 51 ° 41’45.6 ″ N 6 ° 33’15.0 ″ E


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