In the beautiful Benrath Palace in Düsseldorf there is a museum in each of the two wings of the rococo building.

In the western wing is the Natural History Museum, which provides information about the local flora and fauna and in particular about the Rhine and floodplain landscapes.

The Museum of Garden Art is located in the east wing and focuses on European garden art. The Corps de Logis Museum is located in the main building, but can only be visited during a guided tour.

You should take a look at the Corps de Logis, as it is of particular architectural beauty. The furniture collection in the castle is no less worth seeing. The museums can be reached either by car or bicycle, as well as by public transport, for example with tram line 701.


Museums Benrath Palace Duesseldorf

Info & Notes :

Exhibition Objects : The Museum of Natural History provides information about the natural history of the Lower Rhine, in particular about the Rhine and the floodplain landscapes that play an important role for the region. The Museum of European Garden Art is the only museum in the world that deals with the topic of garden art. The Corps de Logis Museum is a beautiful example of a pleasure and hunting palace from the 18th century.

Exhibitions / Events : Changing exhibitions

Guides : Public tours and tours by appointment

Specials : You should have seen Benrath Palace and the beautiful Park

Museums in the Lower Rhine region:

Museums Benrath Palace Duesseldorf

Address : Benrather Schloßallee 102, 40597 Düsseldorf
Opening times : See homepage
Admission : Paying
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This map shows some museums in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different exhibitio objects.


Cultural Institutions

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