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The Museum of Carnival Jester Duelken (Narrenmuseum Dülken) is located in a historical windmill and shows exhibits on the history of the Jester academy.

The Dülken Carnival Jester Academy was founded as early as 1554. After some destruction and the subsequent renovations, the fool’s museum was reopened on August 3, 1952. Interested parties can look at various exhibits from the long tradition of the jester academy in the museum’s glass showcases, on which notes and comments are attached. But the mill in itself is also very worth seeing.


Museum of Carnival Jester Duelken

Museum of Carnival Jester Duelken

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Exhibition Objects : Literature on the history of Carnival Jester , photos, old senator’s cap and more

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Specials : Is located in a historic windmill

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Museum of Carnival Jester Duelken

Address : Waldnielerstr. 53c, 41751 Viersen
Opening times : See homepage
Admission : Paying
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