The Goethe Museum in Düsseldorf was created by the Kippenberg family and is now located in Jägerhof Palace.

The museum shows numerous original documents and exhibits on the history and life of the poet Goethe. Also worth seeing is the castle, which houses the museum, which was completed around 1772.

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Goethe Museum Duesseldorf

Goethe Museum Duesseldorf

Info & Notes :

Exhibition Objects : Original documents and exhibits about Goethe, the most famous German poet. Busts, coins and silhouettes. Landscapes that show what the places and areas looked like in Goethe’s time.

Exhibitions / Events : Lectures & exhibitions on special dates

Guides : Public tours – see calendar of events / tours also by arrangement

Specials : Lectures, library with over 10,000 works on Goethe’s life.

Museums in the Lower Rhine region:

Goethe Museum Duesseldorf

Address : Jacobistraße 2, 40211 Düsseldorf
Opening times : See homepage
Admission : Paying
Internet :

This map shows some museums in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different exhibitio objects.


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