The Koenraad Bosman Municipal Museum is named after the Dutch engineer and entrepreneur Koenraad Bosman.

The city of Rees is responsible for the museum. The museum shows paintings by Dutch Romantic painters (19th century) on more than 400 square meters of exhibition space, such as B. Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek and paintings by Lower Rhine artists such. B. Helmut Liesegang.
In the large hall of the museum there are also art and city history exhibitions several times a year. In the city history section you will find information about the settlement, local and city history of Rees. And under the museum building there is an accessible, still largely preserved casemate built around 1500 at the instigation of the Reeser Magistrate.


Info & Notes :

Exhibition Objects : Paintings by Dutch romantic painters such as B. Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek, Jan Jacob Spohler and J.F. Hoppenbrouwers. City of Rees Collection: Paintings by Lower Rhine artists such as B. H. Liesegang and E. Isselmann, paintings by contemporary Reeser artists such. B. M. Hoffmann, A. Feuser and M. Kühnapfel as well as paintings by old Reeser artists such. B. H. Scholten. Large city model shows Rees around 1650.

Exhibitions / Events : Temporary Exhibitions

Guides : Guided tours by appointment

Specials : Numerous publications, postcards & illustrated books are available in the museum shop. / The casemate can also be used for special events such as B. Wine tastings can be rented.

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Koenraad Bosman Museum

Address : Am Bär 1, 46459 Rees
Opening times : See homepage
Admission : Paying
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