Does the world end, or does the earth just keep turning! Theories of the end of the world, Prophecies are always there. End of the world, people have often been prophesied of the end of the world. Yet she’s still spinning!

Also in the future there will always be doomsday theories & prophecies. Theories, theses & speculations will circulate through the world that deal with the fall of the earth. But what will really happen in the future. Nobody has a concrete, scientifically verifiable answer to this.
When prophecies germinate, people on the Lower Rhine also wonder what is behind the statements of prophets, scientists, theologians and many others. Because they often speak of conspiracy theories, doomsday scenarios or the assumption that a new, better time is ahead of humanity after a catastrophic event.


Revelation End of the world

What will happen in the future?

Nobody can foresee what will really happen in the future or the next day. But no matter how you feel about the predictions, prophecies, speculations or even theories, one thing is certain, the earth and humanity are constantly exposed to many dangers. Whether these are natural disasters, wars or man-made disasters is actually secondary, but the consequences can be dramatic.
More and more people are equipping themselves with survival kits. Some build bunkers in their gardens, and still others stick to the motto “It comes as it comes, there is nothing you can do about it anyway, and ultimately everything has always gone well.” In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves what he does and what he believes.

Is the end times really approaching humanity?

Will some of the worst prophecies really come true at some point? Or is everything just a kind of scare tactics and peasant trapping by some self-appointed prophets? After all, prophets have tried to predict the end of the world for ages, but so far these theses have not come true. Will it be different in the future?
Will the revelation of John be fulfilled and will the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse spread their plagues over humanity? Or will a meteorite fall to earth and cause massive natural disasters? Some even speak of extraterrestrials coming to earth! When you deal with the topic of the “end of the world”, new questions always arise, to which there is not always a rational answer.

May this never happen again !

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Is the Antichrist coming to earth or is he perhaps already there?

If so, who is behind the Antichrist? Are the terrible natural disasters of recent years just harbingers of the big showdown, the actual end of the world? What will we really experience? Will we be redeemed from all evils with the return of Christ on earth, who will finally destroy the Antichrist, and there will be a new, better world?
Is people’s hope for a time in Paradise fulfilled, or does the fear of the unknown future lead to further theories, speculations and prophecies? Perhaps everyone’s faith helps, whatever denomination they belong to! In the end, are angels, God’s messengers on earth, who stand by humanity? Questions about questions to which there are actually no answers

Is belief the answer, or perhaps the trigger for numerous theories?

Questions about questions to which there are actually no answers. Only faith may help one or the other to find an explanation for all the speculations and prophecies. Or is it only belief that gives rise to such theories?
In short, one should have trust and enjoy life, what comes tomorrow, we will find out. In this sense, enjoy the beautiful Lower Rhine with its numerous sights, events and festivals.