Oatmeal or porridge are breakfast options that were already available in grandma’s time and are currently very much in vogue. The reasonably priced oatmeal soup is now also being offered in 5 star hotels due to increasing demand.

You can prepare a tasty oatmeal soup from just 2 ingredients. To do this, take a saucepan, cover the bottom with a little water and slowly add fresh milk. Then warm the milk slowly but do not stir so that the milk does not burn. Only when you add the oat flakes, stir and let the milk boil briefly. Then let the milk and oat flakes steep a little but do not boil anymore.


Oatmeal Breakfast

Ingredients: For 200ml of milk (also oat milk) I recommend 2-3 tablespoons of blossom-tender oat flakes.
(For a thicker version of porridge you have to add more oat flakes accordingly) If you want, you can sweeten the oat flake soup with a little honey or refine it with fruit. In any case, you should use oatmeal that is as tender as a blossom, as these combine faster with the milk to form a slimy soup or porridge. Tip: Oat flakes and milk from the Lower Rhine are available in numerous farm shops on the Lower Rhine

healthy breakfast oats

Oats are the perfect base for every breakfast. You can pair oats with a wide variety of fruits. A teaspoon of linseed oil is also a must for me. You can eat oats with cow’s milk, almond milk, or even goat milk.
Enjoy it your way.
Try oatmeal, there are many combinations. Oatmeal is a good source of fiber and protein, as well as minerals and vitamins.
Do you have any allergies or intolerances? Then make sure you only use ingredients that are good for you !!!

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