Medical tourism is growing in importance worldwide and is now an important economic factor.

More and more often, operations and medical treatments are too expensive or unaffordable in their own country or, in some cases, are not carried out at all. For this reason, hundreds of thousands of people now travel to various medical destinations around the globe every year.

One of the most important reasons is the cost savings compared to the costs and services in your own country. Another positive aspect is that treatment abroad can be combined with a vacation. Because no matter which operation you are aiming for, one thing should be clear to everyone: recovery phases of a few days up to weeks or months must be planned after a medical intervention.


Medical Tourism

The most common medical treatments performed worldwide include Cosmetic operations such as breast augmentation or liposuction, for which there is usually no medical reason, but only the subjective desire of the individual to remove an undesirable flaw.

On the other hand, people travel thousands of kilometers to undergo vital surgery such as bypass and heart surgery. But regardless of the reason for an operation, you should always keep an eye on the risks of the medical intervention. Furthermore, additional problems such as communication problems can arise, depending on which country you want to travel to. Careful planning in advance is therefore a must!

Health Travel Agencies

As more and more people worldwide travel to another country for medical treatment, numerous agencies around the world have now specialized in medical travel. These usually promise their customers an all-round carefree package with individual support, whereby they take on the complete organization of the stay, from the arrival to the local transfers to the overnight stays.

However, this does not release the individual from his or her own duty of care. You should therefore find out about the quality standards of the respective clinic or hospital yourself on the Internet. Also ask about the cost of the treatment. In addition to the costs for the respective operation, any costs for follow-up care must also be taken into account. You should also plan for indirect costs that arise because you may not be able to work after an operation.

The training and experience of the doctor is also of crucial importance. Before you finally decide on treatment in another country / state, speak to a doctor you trust in your home country and consult with your insurance company.

If you are aiming for cosmetic surgery, then the additional question arises whether this is the right choice or whether there are alternatives? If you want to plan the entire trip on your own, then you face another problem. Where can you find the right doctor or which doctor is the right one for the respective procedure. We cannot and will not give recommendations, but we can give you a hint that can help you in your search.

Medical Destinations

If German patients travel abroad to undergo medical treatment there, especially for cost reasons, more and more foreign patients are drawn to Germany due to the expertise of the doctors and the good equipment of the German hospitals and clinics.

More and more patients from the Arab states or Russia are among the patients. More and more clinics on the Lower Rhine, and especially in Düsseldorf, are experiencing a real influx of patients. Germans’ favorite destinations, on the other hand, are other European countries, including Poland and Bulgaria. Destinations such as Singapore, India, South Africa and Thailand are also in high demand worldwide.

The global offer for dental treatment, cosmetic surgery, eye laser treatment or bypass surgery is now huge, and the increasing competition is causing prices to fall further, whereby medical tourists should always keep an eye on quality and qualification and not the price. Because nothing is more expensive than a botched operation or a medical malpractice, because in the worst case it costs your life.

If you have finally found an experienced and competent doctor, the first priority should be the consultation, in which, in addition to the qualification of the doctor, the possible risks of an operation or treatment must be disclosed!

Problems & Complications

In order to avoid or minimize problems during a health trip, careful planning beforehand is necessary. You can do this yourself or hand it over to a medical tourism agency, but this does not release you from your own duty of care.

A reliable criterion when looking for suitable clinics are quality seals and test results from independent institutes. For example, the clinics that have been successfully certified according to the international standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI) are proof of excellent work. There are also numerous national quality seals.

In addition to the qualification, the respective experience of the doctor is of decisive importance when choosing a doctor. Another tip is don’t travel alone. In the event of complications, you can be confined to bed and not take care of necessary things yourself. In an emergency, contact the respective embassy in your home country. In the end, the decision rests with each individual, which he has to make after weighing up the risks and benefits for himself.

And as the saying goes on the Lower Rhine: Everything still went well!

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