Rees ferry service: H. Hell offers 2 ferry connections for pedestrians and cyclists across the Rhine. With the “Rääß Pöntje” you can easily get from the Rhine promenade in Rees to the Reeserschanz on the opposite side of the Rhine. The ferry traffic between Rees and Reeserschanz only transports pedestrians or cyclists and offers visitors the opportunity to see the Rees city panorama in all its beauty from the Rhine.


It is recommended to take a boat tour in Rees or to take the ferry across the Rhine, because only from the Rhine can you see the city panorama of Rees in all its beauty.

Rees on the Rhine

Rees Ferry Service

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Ferry service H. Hell

Landing point: Rhine promenade Rees

This map shows some destionations in the region of the Lower Rhine. Among others there are amusement parks and more.

Destinations Lower Rhine

Leisure Fun Lower Rhine

The region of the Lower Rhine offers a variety of opportunities to make leisure time entertaining, cultural or sporty.

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