Coronavirus the beginning of the end

Is the coronavirus the beginning of the end of mankind?

The end of the world has often been prophesied to people. Yet she’s still spinning!

But what will really happen in the future or tomorrow, nobody can foresee. But no matter how you feel about the predictions, prophecies, speculations or even theories, one thing is certain, the earth and humanity are constantly exposed to many dangers.


Coronavirus the beginning of the end

Already in the Revelation of John it is prophesied that 4 horsemen of the apocalyptic will spread their plagues over humanity.
Whether these are natural disasters, wars or man-made disasters is actually secondary, but the consequences can be dramatic.

The fact is that the situation of mankind is a disaster in many countries.
Greed, avarice and the ever-increasing egoism brought the world to the brink of collapse.
The suffering that few people cause in their environment has become unbearable.

It’s time to wake up!

Coronavirus the beginning of the end

The coranavirus will not stop at power-hungry politicians, despots, tyrants etc. But small assholes will also be affected. These include real estate speculators as well as exploiters and criminals.
Is the coranavirus now a harbinger of the apocalypse? Or is everything just a kind of scare tactics and peasant trapping to throw the world into chaos?
Who has the answer?
The only thing that is certain is that it cannot go on like this. The earth’s resources are sufficient, but unfortunately they are just incorrectly distributed. A fairer distribution would reduce hunger, misery, suffering but also wars, violence and resentment.

Wake up you out there, you supposedly so powerful. Because you too are powerless against the little virus.

May this never happen again !

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