The so-called Buschhüter House is one of the special buildings in Krefeld that is well worth seeing. The beautiful facade of the house impresses with its columns and window arches. The house’s pointed gable is also striking.

The architect Karl Buschhüter lived in Krefeld from 1872 to 1956 and built, among other things, the Buschhüter House, which has been on the Westwall in Krefeld since 1973. The Buschhüter House was built on St. Antonstr. 91, from where it had to give way in 1970.


Buschhüter House Krefeld

Buschhüter House Krefeld

Today the Krefelder Kunstverein is located in the historical “Buschhüter Haus” building

Buschhüter House Krefeld

Location : Westwall 124, 47798 Krefeld

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