The nutrition of each individual is an essential role for the condition of body and mind. However, it is not so easy to determine which foods and dishes are recommended for the individual. Because nutrition depends on many factors. The calorie consumption of each individual is a central role.
Even there are exceptions that can be attributed to allergies to certain foods, one can basically say that fruits and vegetables should be on every menu.


Adequate hydration of the body is also a very important factor. The liquid suppliers are in particular water (mineral water), as well as fruit spritzers (mix of water & juice, the juice should not contain any additional sugar), or different types of tea (fruit teas, green tea, whereby care must be taken that the tea is from controlled cultivation should come) to recommend.

Energy supply:

Adequate supply of energy to the body and mind must be ensured by supplying adequate food. Which food components it should consist of, however, depends on various factors, such as body structure, lifestyle, tradition and origin, or climatic conditions. In many cases it is advisable to consume higher-quality foods in sufficient quantities than inferior foods in large quantities.

Shopping in and out of the region:

We are lucky on the Lower Rhine that many regional farmers sell their goods directly to customers. This way you get fresh goods that did not have to be transported over thousands of kilometers. Visit one of the numerous weekly markets that have been a tradition for centuries and enjoy the colors and smells that have an atmospheric effect on people.

Food industry:

It plays an increasingly important role in supplying the population with food and responds to problems caused by improper nutrition with product and range changes. So there are always trend waves in the food habits of the population. Reduced calorie products, light and diet foods, have been selling for years. Lately, however, shelf space has been substituted in favor of low-fat goods. However, change is often only triggered by marketing strategies from different food manufacturers via the media.


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