Angels have been of great importance to humans for ages and in many faiths.

In the past, angels were mostly seen as conveyors of God’s messages, but today many people see angels more as guardian angels who help people in emergency situations. For example, if a driver gets away with a serious accident with no or only minor injuries, it is easy to say: You must have had a guardian angel. Because despite all scientific and technical developments, the often rationally thinking modern man is sometimes faced with inexplicable events.




Time for rest, contemplation or silence seems to be very limited in today’s fast-moving world. But more and more people are looking for places and ways to escape the everyday world flooded by sensory stimuli for a moment or for a certain time. There are many such oases of peace on the Lower Rhine. Be it in one of the numerous churches & monasteries that invite you to stop for a break, or in nature, which offers beautiful scenes on the Lower Rhine and which makes you forget everyday life.

Do you still believe in angels

the messengers of God and the helpful companions of the people, or have science and research already brought you your belief in a higher form of existence ?! However, it does not matter what attitude the reader has, the following explanations are not intended to convert anyone, but only give an insight into the world or into the history of the angels and angelic apparitions, which is mostly closely connected with the faith of people. In some cases, however, are based on experiences that cannot be rationally explained.

According to Luke’s Gospel, the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and proclaimed the message of God to her. Further angelic appearances follow like a red path in the holy scriptures, which have one thing in common. The angels always convey a message, or instruction from God to people. But sometimes God sends one of his angels as a protective companion of a person in an emergency situation or to put people on the right path, or to warn them of dangers.

May this never happen again !

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The appearance of the Angels

is very different. In the Bible, angels are often described as awe inspiring when they approach people with the words, “Do not be afraid!” In the course of time, however, the representation of angels, or the image that people make of angels, has changed significantly. This becomes very clear in religious art. Because sometimes angels are shown with wings and sometimes without. They often wear white robes that shine as pure as the best laundry detergent advertising today could not show. Sometimes an angel is also depicted with a halo, or they appear in a blazing light.
But it doesn’t matter in which way angels are represented, today they have often lost their function as messengers of God. They are often seen as guardian angels of people.

As a result, angels are nowadays sold and given away in every color, shape and size, in the hope that the angels will accompany and protect people on their sometimes difficult path. Angels are even used in advertising to give a certain product a special protective character, which is also written to angels.

Angels in connection with strange things

But above all, if something strange happens to people, or if you survive a terrible situation such as a car accident unscathed, according to the belief of many people it can only be ascribed to the work of an angel that God had sent to protect people from harm preserve. In this case, the angel assumes his protective function, which has been assigned to him for thousands of years in addition to the task of ambassador. It should also be mentioned that angels or guardian spirits had their place in almost all cultures in human history, which is, however, often suppressed in today’s rational world.

But despite technical development and the most modern measuring devices and analysis methods, not every strange experience or inexplicable event can be explained logically or rationally. Shouldn’t one therefore leave a little space for faith in a world dominated by technology? However, this does not imply that one should accept everything without questioning. What the individual would like to believe or not, as the word faith already carries within itself, is at the discretion of each individual.