Master Ponzelar stands on a solid base on the green median of the south wall in the middle of the city of Krefeld.

The bronze statue was created in 1911 by Johannes Stiegmann and depicts a typical silk weaver from around 1900. This is reminiscent of the times when looms were still worked by hand, before industrialization also took hold in weaving and the small ones House weaving from everyday life disappeared.
Thanks to some forward-looking people, such a typical weaving mill can still be seen today in the House of Silk Culture in Krefeld. The symbolic figure was given the name “Master Ponzelar” by the Krefeld citizens, based on a newspaper column.


Master Ponzelar

Monuments in the region of the Lower Rhine :

Master Ponzelar

Location : Südwall Krefeld


This map shows some locations of monuments in the region of the Lower Rhine, which should remind of different things.


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