The Krefeld Zoo offers its visitors a variety of animals in enclosures, monkey houses, bird houses and voilers.

In the Krefeld Zoo you will find antelopes, elephants, donkeys, sea lions and many more. In particular the monkey house with its exotic monkey world as well as the bird house, the rain forest house and the Africa meadow attract visitors from near and far to the Krefeld zoo. Animals are also born in the Krefeld Zoo. Baby animals are real visitor magnets. You can experience a very special visit to the zoo during the “summer night in the zoo”. Individual tours, night safaris and tours for children or birthday parties for children in the zoo are also very popular. You can also celebrate in the zoo.


Zoo Krefeld

Animals & Attractions: More than 1000 exotic and native animals including antelopes, elephants, donkeys, sea lions and many more. Monkey house, rainforest house, bird house, Africa meadow

Shows / Feedings: The sea lion feeding takes place every day except Thursdays. There is a sign on the enclosure that shows the feeding time. Events such as nocturnal activity in the zoo or species protection on site – lectures in the zoo barn.

Specials Features: Individual guided tours, night safari, summer night in the zoo, celebrations in the zoo barn, children’s birthday parties, zoo school, zoo shop

Info & Notes: The Krefeld Zoo is committed to nature and species protection / so the zoo also breeds endangered species

Tip: Zoo school offers lessons for classes and more. Monkeys paint more in the online gallery

Unfortunately, some of the monkeys in the photos were killed in a major fire in the monkey house. I did not delete the photos as the monkeys were very popular with many visitors and are fondly remembered.

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Zoo Krefeld

Address: Uerdinger Straße 377, 47800 Krefeld
Openening Times : See Homepage


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