The Duisburg Zoo with its diverse animals and attractions such as the adventure world is a popular destination on the Lower Rhine.

The Duisburg Zoo has several attractions ready for you. The highlights include the dolphin demonstrations, which take place several times a day, as well as the animal houses and animal enclosures in which over 5000 animals of various species can be seen.

The offspring of the animals always ensures special visitor interest. For example with the offspring of koalas. The evening walks with animal keepers are just as popular, but they are only possible on certain dates and with advance notice. Not to be forgotten is the Duisburg Zoo School, which offers zoo school lessons for all age groups and school types. Restaurants, kiosks and sun terraces can also be found within the zoo, for example at the petting zoo or at the dolphinarium.


Zoo Duisburg

Animals & Attractions: More than 5000 animals including mammals, amphibians, birds & fish. In the Duisburg Zoo you will find animals such as African elephants, reticulated giraffes as well as lions, bears, wolves and monkeys. The bottlenose dolphins, seals and monkeys are also a magnet for visitors. But the animals in the petting zoo also cause enthusiasm again and again.

Shows / Feedings: Dolphin shows several times a day, feeding and more, but only at certain times (notice at the cash desk / homepage)

Specials Features: Evening walk with animal keepers on certain dates and with advance notice / animal sponsorship / weddings in the zoo

Info & Notes: Duisburg Zoo is committed to protecting species and preserving endangered species. The Duisburg Zoo publishes scientific and popular science publications. The Duisburg Zoo also offers conservation classes.

Tip: There are also playgrounds for children in the zoo. You can celebrate children’s birthdays in the zoo. In the zoo shop you can find souvenirs and mementos such as plush toys from Duisburg Zoo.

Zoos & animal enclosures on the Lower Rhine:

Zoo Duisburg

Address: Mülheimer Str. 273, 47058 Duisburg
Openening Times : See Homepage


This map shows some zoos and animal enclosures in the region of the Lower Rhine. These house various animals.

Zoos & Animal Enclosures

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