In the game reserve Bend in the city of Grevenbroich there are, among other things numerous wild animals and domestic animals to be seen.

200 different wild animals and domestic animals live here in their natural habitats, including deer, sheep, fallow deer, goats, donkeys and numerous water birds. Some of the animals can be fed, which is great fun especially for the children. Overall, the outdoor enclosure is very child-friendly.
There is also a petting zoo and several play equipment. The picnic areas and the barbecue hut are also very popular, but must be reserved in advance as they are often fully booked. Come and see numerous animals or take a walk on one of the forest paths that lead through the game reserve in Grevenbroicher Bend.


Game Enclosure Grevenbroich

Animals & Attractions: 200 different wild animals and domestic animals including: fallow deer, wild boar, goats, heather sheep, donkeys, water birds

Shows / Feedings: Some of the animals can be fed, petted

Specials Features: Petting zoo, playground, picnic opportunities, barbecue hut is very popular and should therefore be booked early

Info & Notes:

Tip: Guided tours through the site by arrangement with the building, gardening, environment department of the city of Grevenbroich

Zoos & animal enclosures on the Lower Rhine:

Game Enclosure Grevenbroich (Wildfreigehege)

Address: Kaiserallee, 41515 Grevenbroich
Openening Times : See Homepage


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