A large number of animals live in Mönchengladbach Zoo, some of which you can feed.

The animals in the zoo include bison, guinea pigs, silk deer, ocelot, coati, goats and numerous birds. The Tiergarten also offers a playground, a zoo school and a restaurant. The zoo is a small garden that can be explored via a circular path.


Animal Park Mönchengladbach (Tiergarten)

Animals & Attractions: Wisent, guinea pigs, silk deer, ocelot, coati, goats and numerous birds and foxes, lynxes, boer goats, dwarf goats, zebra mongoose, seals, coati, donkeys, Cameroon sheep, kangaroos, steppe cattle and more

Shows / Feedings: Goats can be fed.

Specials Features:  Guided tours for groups with a look behind the scenes / senior citizen tours with animal keeper talk / zoo school, here pupils learn interesting facts about animals and more.

Info & Notes: Dogs are not allowed.

Tip: Birthday celebrations in Mönchengladbach Zoo / Become an animal sponsor

Zoos & animal enclosures on the Lower Rhine:

Animal Park Mönchengladbach (Tiergarten)

Address: Am Pixbusch 22 , 41199 Mönchengladbach
Openening Times : See Homepage
Internet: https://www.tiergarten-moenchengladbach.de/


This map shows some zoos and animal enclosures in the region of the Lower Rhine. These house various animals.

Zoos & Animal Enclosures

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