On the Lower Rhine, the Klever Tiergarten is embedded in a historical park landscape.

The Kleve Tiergarten is home to more than 300 animals, whereby the Kleve Tiergarten has set itself the task of showing and breeding particularly old breeds of domestic animals in their colorful diversity and beauty. Because these races are increasingly threatened with extinction. Several wild relatives such as wild boar and wild horses can also be seen.

In addition, some predatory animals such as arctic fox, raccoon and ferret live in the zoo, as well as birds and some “exotic animals” such as the Bennet kangaroo and the lesser panda, which, like the Somali wild ass, is kept within the framework of the European Conservation Breeding Program (EEP).
The seal feeding and the petting zoo, in which animals can be seen up close, are special attractions for young and old, as are the annual special events (e.g. the sheep shearing festival). All breeds of pets are allowed to be fed; suitable food is available at the checkout.


Animal Park Kleve

Animals & Attractions: Numerous animals, including domestic animal breeds, as well as wild boar and wild horses, arctic fox, raccoon and ferret. There are also various birds and some exotic species such as the Bennet kangaroo and the little panda. Different feeding times for seals and raccoons (see homepage)

Shows / Feedings: Some breeds of pets are allowed to be fed; suitable food is available at the checkout

Specials Features: Seal feeding, petting zoo, playground, special events such as sheep shearing festival, “Thorsten’s feed box”, snack in the zoo,

Info & Notes: Handcart rental / game feed can be fed to sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, fallow deer / dogs are not allowed in the zoo!

Tip: Celebrate children’s birthday in the Animal Park (Tiergarten)

Zoos & animal enclosures on the Lower Rhine:

Animal Park Kleve

Address: Tiergartenstraße 74, 47533 Kleve
Openening Times : See Homepage
Internet: http://www.tiergarten-kleve.de


This map shows some zoos and animal enclosures in the region of the Lower Rhine. These house various animals.

Zoos & Animal Enclosures

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