The Dormagen Animal Enclosure Tannenbusch is home to more than 100 mammals and various birds on a 100 hectare forest area.

The Tannenbusch zoo is a popular excursion destination, because in and around the zoo there are other attractions in addition to numerous mammals and waterfowl and chicken. This includes an informative geological trail that shows almost five billion years of geological history.
If you want to find out interesting facts about your environment, you should visit the nature trail. But you can also get active in the Tannenbusch zoo, because the zoo offers both a fitness course and a 5-kilometer Nordic walking route.


Animal Enclosure Tannenbusch Dormagen

Animals & Attractions: Over 130 mammals and well over 100 water and chicken birds, including fallow deer, wild boar, heather sheep, golden pheasants, chickens and many more

Shows / Feedings:

Specials Features: Geopark, a geological nature trail shows almost five billion years of geological history on the basis of rocks / adventure trail, experience nature up close and learn interesting facts about your environment

Info & Notes: The animals are the property of the Schutzgemeinschaft Dormagen e.V.

Tip: Forest school in Haus Tannenbusch, whether school classes, youth groups, parent / child groups, everyone has the opportunity to experience nature here / “Haus Tannenbusch”, a place to get to know the Dormagen landscapes better

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Animal Enclosure Tannenbusch Dormagen

Address: Im Tannenbusch 1, 41540 Dormagen
Openening Times : See Homepage


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