Experience the Lower Rhine during a Segway tour with a very special form of transportation. Driving pleasure and nature experience in one. Or drive on a special course.
Or drive on a special course. Segway® tours, what is it? there will still be one or two questions, even if Segway® tours have been in vogue for some time.

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Segway Tours ®

The electrically powered personal transporters can be seen more and more often on the road. but only a small part of the population has ever traveled with one of these almost silent transport vehicles, and handling the transporter is relatively easy. Take a trip to one of the numerous Segway® Points on the Lower Rhine and take a test drive or book one of the numerous tours offered. You will see that you can control the vehicle after a few minutes.

But before you start driving right now to try out such a device, you should know the following. To drive a Segway Personal Transporter on the road, you must have a driving license or a driver’s license. Furthermore, you can only rent a personal transporter for individual tours if you have a Segway® DriverCARD, which you can purchase from any authorized Segway® partner. Furthermore, participants of Segway tours must be at least 15 years old. The weight of the participants should be between 45 and 118 KG. Helmets are mandatory during the journey and instruction on how to use the transporter is given before each tour.

You just want to do a few laps for fun with the Segway® PT, then a Segway® course may be just the thing for you. Here you can test all the functions of the van on a closed site without taking part in road traffic. With a speed of up to 20 km / h and a range of currently up to 38 kilometers, the Segway® Personal Transporter is an alternative means of transportation that ensures mobility and does not harm the environment. You will see that Segways will be seen more and more in the future.

Segway tour provider & Segway courses

Fit 4 SEG

Tours in Xanten, Rees, Emmerich, Kleve, Wesel, Geldern and others
Mobile skill course, fun for parties and events
Segway rental (only with driver card)
Segway® sales

Location: Hammerbruch 10, 47665 Sonsbeck
Internet: http://www.fit4seg.de/

Segtours Niederrhein

Tours : Große Schlösser-Tour, Krickenbecker Seen Tour, Düsseldorfer: City Tour, Rheinpanorama Tour, Kaiserswerther Tour, Neuss Schloss Dyck Tour, Mönchengladbach Borussen Tour
Location: Gartenstr. 93, 41236 Mönchengladbach

Internet: http://www.segtour-niederrhein.de/

Segwayevents Düsseldorf

Tours: Düsseldorfer: City Tour 120 min, Rheinpanorama Tour 120 min , Kaiserswerther Tour 120 min, Neuss Schloss Dyck Tour 120 min, Mönchengladbach Borussen Tour, Bachelorette party tours, Segway for children under certain conditions !!

Location: Himmelgeister Str. 66, 40225 Düsseldorf
Internet: http://www.segwayevents-duesseldorf.de/

Seg for Fun

Tours: Geführte Touren
Indoor & Outdoor Parcours
Segway events for company parties, birthdays

Location: Düsseldorfer Str. 4, 47918 Tönisvorst
Internet: http://segforfun.eu/


Segway Point Düsseldorf

Tours: Guided tours, Kaiserswerth, Schlösser Tour, Grafenberger-Wald Tour , Rheinufer Tour und mehr

Location: Sedanstraße 5, 40217 Düsseldorf
Internet: http://www.segwaypoint-duesseldorf.de/

Segway Point Krefeld

Tours: Guided tours, Dujardin Tour, Tour ins Grüne, 3 Berge Tour und mehr
Indoor- / Outdoor-Parcours , Courses, Events & promotions

Internet: http://www.segwaypoint-krefeld.de/

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