On the Lower Rhine you will find numerous options for a sauna session. From the classic sauna (Finnish sauna) to steam sauna and sanarium. Which sauna is the right one now depends on your preferences.
However, newcomers should speak to a doctor before the first sauna session. If there are no health restrictions, a sauna session has numerous positive effects on the health and vitality of the sauna goer.
When taking a sauna, alternating heat and cold stimuli act on the body. This hardens the body on the one hand and on the other hand ensures a relaxed feeling and relaxed muscles.


Several short saunas sessions of around 10 to 15 minutes are recommended, with the body being allowed to rest between the individual saunas. Before you visit the sauna, think about the necessary equipment, which includes a towel for sitting in the sauna area counts as well as a bathrobe for the rest periods during the sauna sessions.


Saunabad Niederheid

Sauna & sauna system: infusion sauna “Löyly” (90 ° C), sanarium (55 ° C), steam bath (50 ° C), dry sauna (90 ° C), fireplace sauna (90 ° C)

Address: Paul-Thomas-Straße 35, 40589 Düsseldorf
Internet: https://www.baeder-duesseldorf.de

Saunawelt aqua-sol

Sauna & sauna facility: event sauna (dry sauna 90 ° C), caldarium (steam bath 50 ° C), relaxation sauna (60 ° C) and more

Adresse: Berliner Allee 53, 47906 Kempen
Internet: http://www.aqua-sol.de/

Heuberg Sauna

Sauna & sauna system: Ruusu® sauna approx. 95 ° C / Valo® bath approx. 60 ° C / Finnish event sauna approx. 90 ° C / steam bath approx. 45 ° C / fireplace sauna approx. 90 ° C

Adresse: Gantesweiler Straße 6, 46483 Wesel
Internet: http://www.heuberg-sauna.de/

Sauna Hotel Seepark

Sauna & sauna facility: log cabin sauna, infusion sauna with natural stone heaps, earth sauna, bio sauna, steam bath, panoramic sauna . Special offers hotel and spa

Address: Danziger Straße 5, 47608 Geldern
Internet: http://www.seepark.de

Sauna Embricana

Sauna & sauna system: Valo®- bath – 60 ° sauna with light effects / Ruusu®- sauna – 70-80 ° with rose scent / ceramic steam bath – 55 ° / Sointi® sauna- 80 ° with sound ceremonies / infusion sauna 90-100 ° / MAA® – SAUNA 110-120 °, Finnish earth sauna

Adresse: Nollenburger Weg 34, 46446 Emmerich
Internet: http://www.sauna-embricana.de/

Sauna Niederrhein Therme

Sauna & sauna facility: 16 saunas including 11 so-called “sweat cabins” in the mixed area, log screed saunas, classic saunas with temperatures from 43 ° C to 100 ° C Kelo sauna at approx. 90 ° C, rock sauna,  2 separate women’s and men’s saunas, organic sauna

Adresse: Wehofer Straße 24, 47169 Duisburg-Hamborn
Internet: http://www.niederrhein-therme.de/


Saunapark Kamperbrück

Sauna: indoor area with infusion sauna, organic sauna, steam bath, eucalyptus sauna, Finnish log sauna, Infrared sauna (thermium), warm air bath (tepidarium), herbal sauna

Adresse: Hoerstgener Str. 132, 47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Internet: http://www.saunapark-kamperbrueck.de/

Finn Well Sauna

Sauna & sauna facility: Kelo sauna / sauna with light therapy / herbal sauna / salt sauna / steam bath

Adresse: Strohweg 2 – 46509 Xanten-Wardt
Internet: http://f-z-x.de/

Art Spa

Sauna & sauna facility: Finnish sauna, sanarium, soothing steam bath, sauna house in the garden

Adresse: Kempener Straße 1 a, 47669 Wachtendonk
Internet: http://www.art-spa.eu/

This map shows some saunas in the region of the Lower Rhine, which offers different saunas and services.


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